Research supports the use of Weighted Blankets as they provide the “Sensory Connection” that the brain and body are missing through Proprioceptive and Tactile input. This is achieved by a technique referred to as “DPTS”- Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation. Extra weight such as provided by a weighted blanket creates pressure on the body and stimulates a similar sensation of a hug, back rub or massage. All these feelings help to relax the mind and body as well as they release an important neurotransmitter and chemical in the human body called Serotonin. Research has found that Serotonin not only helps to regulate your mood, sleep and social behaviour but it also helps to relax the muscles and calms you down. This effect helps calm your nervous system and reduces anxiety.

Therefore, Weighted Blankets are not only ideal for helping people who have trouble sleeping but they are also the perfect aid to be used throughout the day when you or your loved ones are feeling anxious, stressed, worried or over-whelmed.