My son is sleeping better!

My son is sleeping better, there is no more tossing and turning at night. The weight is perfect. He really likes the way it feels on him and he loves monster truck design.

Definitely worth the money!

My daughter is constantly a very anxious and hyperactive child and also has trouble sleeping. This blanket has done wonders to help her calm down and her sleep has gotten better. The pressure and weight of the blanket really helps her feel snug and secure. Definitely worth the money!

The blanket works wonders!

I’m not normally the type of person to write reviews, but now that my 4 year old slept through the night (the first time in I can’t even remember) I feel compelled to tell others to get this! My son suddenly started battling with us at bedtime and throughout the night. No one in the house slept. I had heard about weighted blankets and as a last resort I got this. Last night was the first time using it. He didn’t get out of bed at all. The blanket works wonders – he slept, we slept, everyone is happy😊

This blanket is amazing!

This blanket is amazing for my daughter when she needs a little calm time. It’s the perfect amount of weight to help her settle. I even use it when she isn’t using it. Definitely recommend.