Before purchasing a weighted blanket it is recommended you have consulted a medical professional first and sought their medical advice on whether this product would be suitable for your child. Please also consider the following Safety Information:

  • The weight of the blanket should be 10% of your body weight plus 0.5 to 1kg.
  • The weight on the packaging (5lb or 7lb) is for the Inner Weighted Blanket ONLY. The Blanket Cover will add another 570 grams (for the 5lb cover) or an extra 795 grams
  • Make sure the user can put the blanket on themselves as well as take it off themselves.
  • Always ensure the users head and neck remain free and are not under the blanket.
  • Children younger than 2 years old are not recommended to use this product.
  • Please Note:

    Initially, for the first few uses the SnookiMoo Blanket may feel too heavy. This is completely normal and may take 4-7 days for your child’s body to adjust to the extra weight.

    The SnookiMoo Weighted Blanket is NOT designed to cover the whole of your child’s bed. The SnookiMoo Blanket has been especially designed to cover your child’s body, therefore it is slightly smaller than usual size blankets.